John Kim

Associate Professor, KAIST

John Kim is currently an associate professor in the School of Computing at KAIST (Korea Advanced Institiute of Science and Technology) in Daejeon, Korea. John Kim received his Ph.D. from Stanford University and B.S/M.Eng from Cornell University. His research interests include computer architecture, interconnection networks, security, and mobile systems. Prior to graduate school, he worked in the industry at Motorola and Intel.

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OPENINGS : We are actively recruiting students that are interested in research computer architecture, GPU, hardware security, and deep learning architectures. If you are interested, please contact us at jjk12 at kaist dot edu.


  • Oct 2021: Our paper on GPU Covert Channel has been accepted to MICRO'21
  • Jun 2021: Ghost Routing Paper has been been accepted to ISCA'21
  • Feb 2021: Two papers (Trident, BoomGATE) been accepted to HPCA'21