John Kim

Associate Professor, KAIST

John Kim is currently an associate professor in the School of Computing at KAIST (Korea Advanced Institiute of Science and Technology) in Daejeon, Korea. John Kim received his Ph.D. from Stanford University and B.S/M.Eng from Cornell University. His research interests include computer architecture, interconnection networks, security, and mobile systems. Prior to graduate school, he worked on the design of several microprocessors at Intel and at Motorola.

He is currently on Sabbatical at Hewlett Packard Enterprise Labs for the 2016-2017 academic year.


  • Oct 2016: Our paper on Congestion Management in Large Scale Systems has been accepted to MICRO'16
  • Sept 2016: Our paper on Interconnect Rootkit has been accepted to USENIX Security'16
  • Nov 2014: Our paper on Phantom Congestion has been accepted to HPCA'15
  • Sep 2014: Our paper on Multi-GPU memory network has been accepted to MICRO'14.
  • July 2014: Our paper on Routing Table Security Vulnerability has been accepted to CCS'14.
  • Feb 2014: Our paper on TalkBetter, mobile system for children with language delay, received best paper award at CSCW 2014.
  • Feb 2014: Our CAL paper on Clumsy Flow Control was selected for Best of CAL session at HPCA'14.
  • Sept 2013: Our paper on Memory-centric Network with HMCs received the best paper award at PACT 2013.